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Our simple copy and paste code allows you to see unique traffic and keyword search terms.

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Google runs many servers, and updates them at different times. Check your PR on over 20 Google servers!

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Run lots of Web sites?

No problem! Use our Multiple PageRank Checker tool to check up to 25 sites at once.

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Free PageRank Displayed on Your Site?

That's right, using our Free PageRank Display lets you display PR on your Web site in many styles, and takes just a minute!

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PageRank for Outgoing Links?

Check PageRank for all outgoing links from an URL with the powerful PageRank Crawler.

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Web Sites Faking PageRank?

Our Fake Rank Checker can check any URL for faked PageRank and give you the current status.

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Browse our collection of internet resources and websites. Our staff has built this library out of highly ranked search topics. If you run a website you would like to see listed here, please Contact Us with your site information.